This course will explore the Holy Land through two sets of religious eyes and through the teachings of Scripture and interpreters through the millennia. How has the concept of Holy Land been used in Judaism and Christianity for better or for worse? From Bethlehem to the Galilee to the Dead Sea, the Jewish and Christian communities have appropriated narratives to bolster the foundations of their faith. Jerusalem has its own interfaith religious richness from the Western Wall to the First and Second Temple to the Via Dolorosa to the Dome of the Rock. Whether you have been to the Holy Land countless times, are preparing for an upcoming visit, or are only a virtual traveler, this course will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the land. Reverend Dr. Nancy Ellett-Allison is the Senior Minister of Holy Covenant UCC in Charlotte. She earned her BA from Baylor University and her MDiv and PhD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. A popular speaker, preacher and retreat leader, Nancy has written and edited for several publications, and served as Secretary of the Southern Conference of the UCC and a member of the board of directors.

Wednesdays February 5th - April 8th (No class on March 4th)

February 5- The Holy Land Throughout History
February 12- Bethlehem, the Galilee and Miracles through Jewish and Christian Stories
February 26- Jaffa, Meggido and Mt. Tabor - Miracles and Transformation
March 11 - Jerusalem- The Center of the World
March 25- The South (Qumran, Ein Gedi, and Masada) and First Century Judaism and Early Christianity
April 1 - Yad Vashem- The Holocaust, Antisemitism, Christian Responses, Jewish
Renewal, and Interfaith Bridgebuilding
April 22
April 29

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