Join us on Sunday, April 28, 2019 from 3 – 5 pm for the North Carolina premiere of documentary “Close to Evil,” followed by a discussion with author, Alexandra Senfft: granddaughter of a Nazi.
Refreshments and tour of the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice to follow.
Where: Ketner Auditorium on the Queens University Campus

“Close to Evil” traces the journey of one Holocaust survivor as he reaches out to children of Nazis who worked at the camp where many of his family members were killed. He meets Alexandra, the granddaughter of Nazi Hanns Ludin. Her biography, The Pain of Silence: A German Family History, explores the lasting impact of the complicity of silence and intergenerational guilt. Alexandra’s maternal grandfather, Hanns Ludin, was hung for war crimes in 1947. He was found guilty of being directly involved in the deportation of some 70,000 Jews. Alexandra’s family created and maintained the fiction that her grandfather was merely a decent civil servant during the war. Their complicit silence overwhelmed Alexandra’s mother, when she learned of her father’s execution while at boarding school. Like many other children of Nazi perpetrators, she died too young after decades of depression and alcoholism.

This event is sponsored by the generosity of the following families:
John and Gail Baron, Larry and Stacy Brown, Stu and Lynne Cojac, Jeff and Dana Ditesheim, Howard and Merridith Glazer, Eric and Judy Laxer, Ed and Debora Pizer and Gennaro Vitale and Susan Schall of World Night Club

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Although the event is free, seating is limited.
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