Dr. Emily Seelbinder

Booking it with Queens’ Professor
First event with Dr. Emily Seelbinder
Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. EST

Book Name: On Agate Hill by Lee Smith
As a Queens student, did you ever find yourself struggling through a reading assignment for a class – perhaps after a bit more socializing than intended or after plowing through assignments for your other courses – and thinking, “I’ve got to finish this! What if there’s a quiz? This makes no sense! What if she calls on me in class? I’m doomed!”? Do you remember coming to class feeling underprepared and being surprised and delighted by the lively, enlightening discussion of the texts you had wrestled with the night before? What if you could re-live that experience without fear of grades or final exams? Well, here’s your chance: Booking It with Dr. Emily Seelbinder. Dr Seelbinder, who is now retired and has nothing better to do than read books and talk about them with anyone who will listen, has agreed to lead a discussion of Lee Smith’s On Agate Hill, a novel she and her students read and discussed several years ago in a course on Literature and History. Despite the threat of grades and a final in that course, her students enjoyed the book and were surprised to learn it has a Queens connection. What is that connection? You’ll have to read the book and join Dr. Seelbinder on November 19 to find out!

On Agate Hill by Lee Smith can be found at your local library, independent book store and also available as an e-book or audio book.

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